Axeslasher named #5 on Leyla Ford's Top Fifteen Metal Albums of 2013

5. Axeslasher – Anthology of Terror Vol. 1 (self-released) If Havok are comic bookish, then Axeslasher are just horror movie/Ninja Turtles-on-meth batshit insane. Gross, loud, completely oozing slime thrash that’s scarier than Leatherface’s chainsaw. I don’t know anyone who had a bad word to say about this album, and I know I’m waiting eagerly for the rest of the anthology. Pizza ‘til you puke, dudes. Extra pepperonis and garlic on mine.

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Anthology of Terror receives 7/10 from

If heavy metal has a character flaw, generally speaking, it's the fact that for a genre that loves the grandiose, the performative and the archetypal so much, it can sometimes take itself way too seriously. That's what makes Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1 from Southern California's Axeslasher such a filthy, refreshing treat. The old-school thrashers are exquisitely self-deprecating, which increases how much fun their debut is a hundredfold. Full of guts, glory, pizza and babes, Axeslasher revel in their own self-caricature and turn it into an art form. Song titles like "Invasion of the Babesnatchers" celebrate the over-the-top nature of their aesthetic, while the music firmly backs it up. The subject matter is inspired by classic horror and gore imagery, which plays up both the camp quality and the violence. The pitch-perfect audio sample on "Woodland Tortuary" bleeds into the deep, dirty groove of the track, while Justin Lascelle's shrieked and spat-out vocals are perfectly unhinged. The riffs are heavy and infectious, the drumming punishing, and the production has just the right touch of old-school thrash grit and grime. It's a tough thing to balance humour with execution, to gently mock while laying waste, and with Anthology of Terror, Axeslasher nail it. via Axeslasher - Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1 • Metal Reviews • By Natalie Zina Walschots