Losers' Club Collectible 1" Pin Kit


Build you own collectible 1" Pin kit

I've had Pennywise on the brain lately. Moreover, I've had the losers there too. Each and every one of them at times remind me of myself, or the friends I grew up with. 

I suppose that's what King was trying to do all along... 

In honor of the losers, and all of us that they represent, I've created 8 pin designs with the express hope you will share them with your friends. Of course, there is a catch. I'm not releasing these as a set you can buy. I'm releasing them as a DIY kit. If the Losers can dam up the Sandusky and beat Henry Bowers in a rock fight, you can manage creating a few pins. 

The design is available below. Simply print, make, and distribute. 




BYO Losers' Club Collectible 1" Pin Kit

Print, make, Distribute.